Pizza With a Purpose

Pizza for a Better World

Pizza With a Purpose is more than just a catchy phrase. It's a way of life and our way of doing business at PizzaForno, making this world a better place, one pizza at a time. We are dedicated to supporting charitable causes and organizations that are working tirelessly to create a better world. If you know a charity or non-profit that aligns with our mission, we invite you to apply to have them added to our list of charities we work with.

Our Impact

Making a Difference, One Slice at a Time

Pizza With a Purpose is how our locally owned and operated automated pizzerias give back to the communities in which they are affiliated, it's our way to support our founder's passion and mission, and it's our way of doing the right thing for the right reason every time.

Supporting Local Charities

By sponsoring local charities, we help boost their capabilities to carry out essential work in the local community, increasing their impact.

Community Engagement

We help foster a greater sense of community spirit and engagement through various fundraising and awareness events.

Education and Awareness

We amplify the voices of local charities, educating and engaging the community about crucial, often overlooked, local issues.

Improving Quality of Life

By supporting local initiatives and those in need, we help improve the quality of life for local communities, making them better places to live for everyone.

Encouraging Philanthropy

We hope our initiatives inspire others in the community to take similar actions, fostering a culture of philanthropy in the community.

Facilitating Community Development

This initiative also helps to foster community development and advancement, contributing indirectly to a more prosperous and dynamic local community.

Become a Partner

Get Involved: Apply to Become a PizzaForno Sponsored Charity

In addition to staying focused on purpose-driven initiatives, we work with each of our local owners to identify opportunities to help support non-profit organizations within their community.

A great example of this is our licensees in Houston who have chosen to support the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Houston/Galveston (RMHCGHG). Every Tuesday, the PizzaForno Houston licensees donate $1.00 for every pizza sold at their Texas locations to help pay for vaccines, exams, and quality medical treatment for thousands of children.

As we continue to expand, we are always looking for new non-profits to partner with and support. We invite you to either apply to become a partnered charity or submit a recommendation for one we should partner with in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in becoming a Pizza With a Purpose sponsored charity but still want to learn more about this initiative, here are some of our most-asked questions!

Do we have to be a registered non-profit?

In most cases, we prefer this, but there are always exceptions. If you are a good fit, fill out the form, and we will reach out.

What types of organizations do you work with?

We work with international, regional and local organizations such as School Districts, Hospitals, Churches, Youth Groups, Food Banks, and more!

What is the Pizza with a Purpose initiative?

The Pizza with a Purpose initiative is our way of giving back to the local communities that our machines operate in. PizzaForno licensees choose an organization that genuinely means something to them and support it through the sale of pizzas. This helps them give back to their local community, one pizza at a time.

How can my charity apply for sponsorship?

There is an application form on this page that you can fill out to apply to become a partnered charity. We will reach out if you are a good fit or if we need more information.

Do you support charities outside of our local area?

Yes, we do! We support international, regional and local organizations that may be outside our licensee's local area.

Can I suggest a charity for PizzaForno to consider sponsoring?

This page has two forms: one for charities and one for recommendations. If you know of an organization that may be a good fit, please fill out the corresponding form.